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Disney x18

Tomorrow I leave for my 18th trip to Disney World. My mom doubts I’ve been to Disney World 18 times, but I think she’s just not ready to confront how much money our family has spent at there in the last 30 years.

I know the place like the back of my hand. Pirates of the Caribbean? Left after Main Street, over the bridge, past the Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room, on the left. The Haunted Mansion? Through the castle, left at the carousel, past It’s a Small World and Peter Pan, under the now defunct Swiss Family Robinson tree house (Correction: it’s the defunct skyway platform, which closed in 1994. Does anyone actually go to the Swiss Family tree house anyway? Ditto Tom Sawyer island?), on the right. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? Shut down in 1997. You need to go to Disney World more often.

I thought I’d share some snapshots from my first trip to Disney. For my fourth birthday, we ditched my baby sister (don’t worry, she’d experience her first touch of Disney magic a few years later) and headed to the happiest place on earth.

I distinctly remember a few things about this trip. 1.) We drove a sky blue Pontiac from Chicago to Orlando and I remember thinking we were going to go right off a cliff as we drove through the mountains 2.) I had a GlowWorm that I flashed at passing drivers out the back window 3.) I loving my Mickey balloon and was devastated when it was all shriveled and deflated the next morning (though I think I got another, because I remember having the balloon within a balloon, not the red one pictured).

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney World, Captain Hook, Hook, Vintage Disney

You rock those purple pearls, Mom.

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney World, Winnie the Pooh, Pooh Bear, Pooh, Vintage Disney

Look at those Saltwater Sandals!

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney Word, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Vintage Disney

The Matching Mickey sweatshirts! Layered over polo shirts! I die.

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney World, Sassy, EPCOT Center, Epcot, Vintage EPCOT Center

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow! (But why is there a bird on my head?)

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney World, EPCOT Center, Epcot, VIntage Epcot

With those sunglasses, how could I not be sassy?

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney World, Tiki, Tiki Room, Vintage Disney

ANNIE! I’m so glad to see my favorite Cabbage Patch Doll got to go on vacation.

Disney, Disney World, Walt Disney World, Mickey, Mickey Mouse, Vintage Disney

Let’s hurry it up, mouse man.

Are you a Disney fanatic? How many times have you been? What’s your favorite thing about Disney World?

17 thoughts on “Disney x18

  1. hmmmmm……. well, you know ive been there twice now. im not sure i can pick a favorite.

    i really loved drinking my way around the world at EPCOT. lmao.

    i also love the electric parade at magic kingdom.

    soarin at epcot is fantastic too.

    i also really love the rockin roller coaster & tower of terror at hollywood studios.

    i really kinda love it all. i wish i could go every year.

    1. That would be Disney trip #2. I think the time between the first and second Disney trip was the longest I’d ever been away – 4 years.

  2. We used to go to Disney Land every year when we lived in California. I think the last time I was there was 1996 or 1997. It was on the short list for my 30th, but six days with screaming children didn’t appeal. One of these days I’ll get there again.

    1. I’ve never been to Disney Land and I’d like to go just to say I’ve been. The last few times I’ve been to Disney World it was adults only trips, so it’ll be interesting with 5 kids this week!

  3. Things just keep getting weirder for me, Corrin. We really are the same person. I’ve been 12 times. And I make pretty damn awesome itineraries of the parks. I could wax aimlessly on all of my favorite meals at each of the restaurants and how it’s totally worth it to stay in a disney hotel because you make up for the price in what you save on gas and parking…. blah blah blah. Have an AMAZING time. xo

  4. These pictures are awesome! I’m so jealous of your trip. I’m definitely a fanatic. I’ve only been to Disney World once, but Disneyland/Cali Adventure eight times in the past ten years. And also when I was five. Hope you’re having a blast!

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