Dior Mascara

Dior MascaraIf you know me, you know that I’m addicted to mascara. I put three coats of mascara on every morning, each coat a different brand offering different perks (lengthening, thickening, and waterproof).

This weekend I was ready to shop, so I splurge on the Dior Black Out Mascara at Sephora that I’ve heard so much about. For $24, I expected to cause a breeze every time I blinked, but it was just okay.

The applicator is good and the mascara goes on nice and thick, but it’s no better than the $6 Maybeline mascara I’ve been buying for years.

Oh the shattered mascara dreams.

What’s your favorite mascara?

7 thoughts on “Dior Mascara

  1. Maybelline is the best I’ve ever found and believe me, after 40 plus years of testing, I can vouch for it.
    Good deal for your grandfather but I don’t think my DH would want me to find anyone else–church or anywhere……

  2. My girlfriend would love you! She has around $2000 in makeup in rotation at any one time. Guerlain seems to be her favorite right now. I don’t think she’s tried the Dior mascara, but she just bought a really great Dior eye shadow palette.

  3. Jon – I shouldn’t rat your gf out, but I think she has a little makeup obsession. 😛 My only indulgence is mascara. I wear the same eyeshadow and lipgloss every day and I have my eyeliner tattooed on!

  4. I used to swear by Maybelline and said I’d never pay more than $5 until I tried Dramatically Different from Clinique. Who knew there really was a difference. I might have to check out this one by DOIR. I just bought one of their lipglosses over the weekend and it makes my lips sting!

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