Designer Imposter: Vera Wang Sandals

Summer 2014 edit: These sandals are still available at Target, but the price is now $19.99. Still a total bargain.

Earlier this month I made the dreaded impulse purchase. It’s my birthday! I’ve been working hard! I deserve some Vera Wang sandals!

I’ve never purchased a pair of $150 sandals before, but I expected these Vera Wang Febe sandals to be sparkly little pillows on my feet. Vera’s reasonable. She knows how to bring together style and practicality, right?

Vera is masochist. These sandals were the single most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn. They didn’t bend or give or have any form of cushioning. I took one paddle-footed walk down my hallway and put them right back in the box to ship back to whatever unholy place they came from.


I’m cruising the aisles of Target, much like I do every third day, and I spot them. Tan leather. Sparkly strap. A LAYER OF CUSHION. And 1/10 the price.

Buy now.

Add to cart.


Vera Wang Target, Vera Wang SandalsVera Wang Febe Sandal $150
Target Xhilaration Lavada Sandal $16.99

I’m considering this my gift. My gift for spotting designer knockoff footwear. (see: Chloe Ballet Flats and Jenni Kayne Flats)

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