Crystal Accents

I’m a little bit like a raccoon — when I see something shiny, I just can’t let it go. First it was sequin, now it’s crystals.

I’m taking this as a sign that I’m maturing. Crystals feel a bit more old money.

The Flamingo vs. The Bellagio.

Bucktown vs. Gold Coast.

But let’s be real — these prices for pieces with crystal accents are crazy expensive. Old money or not, with a little patience and a glue gun, you can totally use them as inspiration to make your own DIY versions (I found a few how-tos and linked to them below).

Or just wait 6 months for mass retailers to start slapping crystals on everything.

crystal accents, crystal fashions1. Initial crystal ring $13
2. A-Morir Nico sunglasses $360 (or DIY embellished sunglasses)
3. Phillip Lim crystal embellished sweatpants $863
4. Kate Spade city skyline bracelet $198
5. TopShop studded jumper $60 (or DIY gem neckline)
6. Marni leather sandals $480
7. BaubleBar crystal ear cuff $36 (or DIY ear cuff)

3 thoughts on “Crystal Accents

  1. So I guess I’m ahead of the trend? I’ve been wearing crystal bedecked flip flops for years, crystals on my toes & elsewhere. I’ve always preferred them to sequins….I don’t like how sequins feel or sound. 😉

  2. Re-read my comment. When I said “elsewhere” that doesn’t mean I’m into weird stuff like vajazzling. Just that I have crystal belts, dresses, etc. 😉

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