Costco Cupcakes

costco cupcakesWe bought a sheet of Costco cupcakes to celebrate the March birthdays in our family (including my own!), and they are taunting me in the fridge…absolutely huge, with the best whipped buttercream frosting ever, and just sweet enough to require a cold glass of milk.

Surprisingly, there’s only 257 calories in a Costco cupcake (if my source is correct*), but I’m not considering that a green light to have one for dinner.

Maybe a late night snack, but definitely not dinner.

*my source is not correct, but you don’t have to be nasty about it in the comments.

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  1. says

    Looks good! I still have cupcakes from Austin, so I’ll have one in your honor tomorrow. Also, your gift is ready to ship but I can’t go to the P.O. without my car. I know, more excuses. :(

    Lauries last blog post..My Waco Accident

  2. Corrin says

    Laurie – I think you’re off the hook this Birthday. :-) Enjoy your cupcake! I saw the little mobile cupcake stand in a book on Austin that we just bought!

  3. Amy says

    OK, people, I’m coming to this a year late, but I have to say: Think about it. It’s Costco. It’s giant. OF COURSE it has more than 257 calories. Don’t believe everything you read online.

    • Corrin says

      Amy – That could work the opposite way, too. Some website have Costco cupakes listed as over 1,000 calories each, so 760 is a pleasant surprise.

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