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Where to Get Your Coffee Fix in Austin

Isn’t the beginning of a long weekend the best feeling in the world? You’ve got three full days ahead of you to do whatever you’d like or nothing at all.

If you’re looking to start your weekend with a little pep in your step, I thought you might like this roundup of some of my favorite coffee shops in Austin that I put together for the new

There are so many great coffee shops in Austin — what are your favorites?

Check out Where to Get Your Coffee Fix in Austin, TX

by Corrin Foster at Mode

2 thoughts on “Where to Get Your Coffee Fix in Austin

  1. I love Monjey Nest, but it gets a bit busy for my taste, especially for working. Same with Houndstooth and Epoch. Last time I tried to pop in there, it was insane. We are seriously lacking good coffee shops here on the north side.

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