Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe

EDIT: I’ve noticed a lot of you are searching for ways to prevent your sugar scrub from hardening when the coconut oil reaches room temperature. All you have to do is replace the organic virgin coconut oil in the recipe below with fractionated coconut oil and skip all the melting and cooling steps.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a mild case of keratosis pilaris on the back of my arms. I doubt anyone’s ever noticed, but I’ve always been self-conscious and it’s made me into the cardigan lover that I am today. Over the years, I’ve seen a half dozen dermatologists and tried a dozen different prescription lotions and potions, none of which has made the tiniest of improvements. The other day I was on Pinterest, and saw a pin mentioning coconut oil as a “cure” for keratosis pilaris. I figured it was one of those spammy pins and didn’t click, but since I had some coconut oil in my pantry I thought “what the hell” and slathered some on after my next shower.

Three days later, my arms were almost 100% clear.

Then I got to thinking about all those fancy scrubs and thought if coconut oil worked so well on it’s own, a coconut oil sugar scrub would be ever better! I couldn’t find any recipes using coconut oil, so I made my own. It turned out so pretty that I thought it would make a great Christmas gift – just slap a bow on the jar!

Enjoy this recipe for a coconut oil sugar scrub that’s quick, easy, effective, and pretty!

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

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  • 1 cup organic virgin coconut oil (available in the cooking oil section of most grocery stores)
  • 2 cups sparkling sugar (I tried sea salt, but it wasn’t as pretty)
  • A few drops of vanilla extract (or any essential oil of your choosing – I thought the vanilla went nicely with the coconut)
  • 2 1-pint jars

In a medium bowl, measure out sugar. Over low heat, melt coconut oil in a sauce pan just until it liquifies then add vanilla. Slowly pour coconut oil into bowl and mix with sugar. You’ll want just enough oil so that the ingredients pack together, but not so much that they’re soupy. Once mixed, spoon into jar and let sit until oil solidifies (overnight).

Add a pretty bow for gift-giving and store in a cool dry place.

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  1. oh my gosh I started doing this a few months ago. I just mix coconut oil with regular granulated fine sugar as an all over body/face scrub and I LOVE it!!!! but I like the idea of sparkling sugar and a touch of vanilla extract.

    really, it’s crazy to spend money on expensive scrubs, I’ve tried them all. this DIY recipe is THE BEST!
    Christine from FLY FISH CHICK´s last awesome blog post…Unedited

  2. Keratosis! It is why I so desperately look forward to sweater weather and covet long-sleeved linen and cotton gauze in rhe summer. Have tried other homemade scrubs, but coconut oil has not gotten thrown into the mix. Thanks! Can’t wait to try

  3. This is extremely interesting! I can’t wait to try it! DIY and organic products are my passion… but I haven’t had a chance to try many projects. I can’t wait to see if this helps me out a little. 🙂

  4. I use coconut all the time on my face, in my coffee, etc. I’ve been wanting to make a sugar scrub though for the shower. Does the coconut oil solidify again though so it’s hard to use? Or does using enough sugar keep it separated?

    Thank you, Jan

    1. Hi, Jan. It stays clumpy enough to scoop (though you may have to do a little finger digging) and being in a warm shower helps soften it a bit.

      I’ve been too chicken to use coconut oil on my face, but you’re the third person to recommend it, so I’ll have to give it a try.

      1. Thanks for the info!

        Just use a* thin* layer of CO on your face. After awhile it soaks in fairly well and I use a tissue to wipe off any excess then apply my night or SPF lotion. I prefer the cooking CO with neutral taste and smell for my face.

  5. Hi, all!
    I have been suffering for about a year of tiny pimples on my legs an a bit on the back of my upper arms, before going to the dermatologist I’ve tried different cleansers/forms with no relief I finally decided to see the dermatologist which said I have dry skin but of all of the creams, scrubs she prescribed nothing has worked I even ventured into sephora bought an exfoliator which seemed to work for a bit but failed also, with reading some of the comments and also the symptoms of PK they are VERY familiar to me I also have to keep in mind that I suffer from UC ulcerative colitis which can also cause skin conditions as well. Needless to say I will try the DIY sugar this weekend as I am making favors for my grandmother’s party, ladies wish me luck ;0)

  6. I recently tried my coconut oil sugar scrub with lemon essential oil (because I couldn’t find lime), zest from a lime and organic shredded coconut and called it “Put the lime in the coconut.” It is fab.

  7. Hey Corrin, I am happy to report the little pimples are fading slwoly but surely. I sometime switch up and use an exfoliating glove when I don’t do the scrub. Very happy camper ;0)

  8. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to keep the coconut oil from solidifying?? I didn’t expect the scrub to be so hard to scoop? Any suggestions.???

    1. Hmm…mine isn’t hard to scoop. It does solidify but it should soften in a steamy shower.. Try increasing the amount of coconut oil a bit. That way there’s more to get melty, making it easier to scoop.

  9. Ive always done this the lazy way and warmed up the coconut oil in the microwave and added regular sugar and a bit of honey. Ive always heard honey is great for the body. I have severe kp and it really does help.

  10. My sister and i made several batches varying the recipe each time as well as added coloring to jazz them up a bit. Our bathroom is always cold so our scrubs harden and we too are eondering if there’s anything that can be added to decrease the hardening.

    1. Hi, Shay! Mine tends to loosen up quickly in a steamy shower but you can always use fractionated coconut oil (which is a liquid) instead. The sugar will settle to the bottom and the scrub will need a shake or stir before using if you go that route. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Hello again… i did not see fractionated coconut oil around where i got the other coconut oil would it be with the olive oils and such? Thx again, have an amasing rest of your week!

        1. Hi, Shay. Fractionated coconut oil is most likely going to be at a health food store or in the pharmaceutical and beauty aisle. It’s most commonly used for essential oil application. There’s also a link to Amazon at the top of my post — that’s where I got mine.

  11. I made and the put in the jar last night, opened this morning and its hard on top, did I use too much coconut oil?? If I break of the top seal wondering if it would be ok underneath…..
    made two of them both the same. 🙁

    1. If you used coconut oil that had to be melted to make the scrub, than it will solidify once it reaches room temperature again. It’s totally okay to use and It will soften up when the jar is in a steamy shower. That’s how the scrub pictured was made and is used.

      If you’d prefer the scrub to be soft at all times, I recommend using liquid fractionated coconut oil.

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