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How the Internet is like Chicken Shit Bingo

So, this happened last week. 7 years, 35,000 tweets, and this is the one that resonates with people. It completely baffles me.holy shit 4000 retweets

For a long time I thought that I was missing some key re-tweet-ability gene (and if we’re being perfectly honest, every gene related to being a successful blogger). I think I’m a hoot but apparently snort-laughing at yourself while eating Cadbury mini-eggs in bed doesn’t impress Twitter. Sure, a handful of tweets over the years have gotten a respectable number of retweets, but damnit if I couldn’t gain any momentum or turn those retweets into new followers or blog readers.

And then, it finally dawned* on me. It’s all just dumb luck. Chicken-shit-bingo kind of luck. The right people seeing the right tweet at the right time and engaging on a whim.

That’s no slight to the people who work hard creating quality, interesting, content. It’s more of a nod to the social media good karma ju-ju gods. A reminder not to get caught up in the numbers game because you really have very little control. More important are the loads of great friends that I chat with regularly, many of whom are way super smart and much wittier than I am, and the random encounters that make my day.

Watching the retweets fly is fun, but you’ll never be able to predict where that chicken is going to shit.

*Sidestory: I once dated a guy who had a sister named Dawn but they called her by her middle name. He said it was because she was named after their dad and it got too confusing. I didn’t follow but being all googly-eyed, I smiled and nodded. Turns out their family is from Kentucky and their dad’s name is Don. Pronounced Dawn. To this day my mind cannot grasp how this even happens.

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      1. I know they aren’t the same and *I* can tell they are different when I say them but no one else can. Same with pin & pen, pull & pool, etc. I insist I am saying them differently from each other but my boyfriend disagrees.

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