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Central Florida in Instagram

I love skipping town for the weekend, so I joined my family in Central Florida for Memorial Day.

You can’t always see them, but they’re there. Alligators. Lots of alligators. (That ripple in the water in the picture below? An eight-foot gator.)

When Captain Buck walked up with a cigarette in one hand and a Red Bull in the other, I knew we were in trouble. And by we, I mean my mom. He soaked her with spray the entire airboat ride.

Lunch in a bar. Dinner in a bar.

My sidekick for the weekend, Walter the Chihuahua.

How was your holiday weekend?

5 thoughts on “Central Florida in Instagram

  1. What fun! Grew up around a lot of gators in Beaumont – used to feed them hushpuppies outside of a restaurant in Lake Charles, LA.

    Walter is so adorbs. Is Ollie jealous?

  2. Just a tiny little FYI (cause I’m a teacher at heart), alligators live in the US, not crocodiles. 🙂

    Looks like fun…Aidan & I are headed to Florida in July to meet up with my parents & my stepsister’s family to go to DisneyWorld. HELLO humidity!

    1. I knew that. Fixed.

      And you are very brave to go to Disney in July. We only ever go in October (we’ll be there again this year!) when park attendance is low. It can still be sweaty, but at least you don’t have to smell that many people. Ha.

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