Things I’m Enjoying Today

  • A brand new pack of 100 bobby pins.
  • Pigs in rainboots.
  • Homemade pizza. Mushrooms and artichokes on one half, bacon and ricotta on the other.
  • Skype-ing with old friends. (I’m so 2009.)
  • The anticipation of TechMunch and Texas Style Council (and my birthday).
  • Fishs Eddy. I once accidentally poured my little cousin a glass of juice in a Strip Tea Glass. She said she liked the pretty lady.
  • Macro Lenses. (Anyone shoot in macro? It’s beginning to be my favorite.)
  • Second interviews.

Things I’m Enjoying Today

I like this picture. I do not like the dirty hippie in the background.

Things I’m Enjoying Today

  • My new glasses. The perfect combination of Wayfarer and cat-eye.
  • That the Cadbury Creme Egg commercial hasn’t changed since I was six years old.
  • The color mustard. I would like this skirt. Please.
  • Pinterest. I requested an invite, but haven’t received one yet. Who can pull some strings?
  • Basically, we’re all hipsters.
  • Root beer floats.
  • Apothica and the bottle of Obsession by Calvin Klein that was just delivered.
  • Pom pom socks. (Don’t Google it. I’m warning you.)
  • Words with Friends. Download it. Play a game with me. (I’m CorrinRenee.)
  • Having two job interviews scheduled for next week.

Hugs & Kisses (aka This & That Valentine’s Edition)

Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration, here’s a few things that make me feel all mushy. (You didn’t know I was such a sap, did ya?)

His collar is glitter and his shirt says “I’m with Cupid.” Unfortunately, he wasn’t feeling the love for the camera.

Are these Valentine’s Day fruit stickers not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Don’t you just want to go to the grocery store and stick a few on the apples and oranges and hope they make someone’s day?

The history of Sweetheart Candies.

A gallery of couples that have been married 50+ years. Holy smokes.

The way to this girl’s heart? With an NPR Valentine.

Coffee, tea or me?  Brown sugar hearts for your morning hot beverage of choice.

My family’s coveted Valentine pound cake recipe. Yum-o.

Remember this for next year: teeny tiny Valentine’s.

You don’t have to ask me twice. Let’s stay home.

If a last minute Valentine saved the day (or forgot to buy a card for someone special) these Kate Spade Valentine ecards are ridiculously cute.

And in case Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing. You’ll do.

When I said Valentine’s Day is my 3rd favorite holiday, I wasn’t joking.