DIY Pom Pom Panama Hat

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I hardly need an excuse to slap some pom poms on anything in sight (hello pom pom beach bag and pom pom swim coverup) but the outrageous price tags on some of this season’s embellished hats was a call to action.

After a few minutes of rummaging around in my closet, I had everything I needed to make my own pom pom panama hat.

I used teeny tiny multi-colored pom pom trim, but you can use any size or color trim — I really like this white on white option — it all looks cute. If sewing isn’t your thing, you could use hot or super glue.

Pom Pom Panama Hat

DIY Pom Pom Hat, Pom Pom Panama HatSupplies


Secure pom pom trim in desired position on hat with whip stitch. Wear hat. Look adorable.

Pom Pom Panama Hat, DIY Pom Pom Hat

Hillary Halloween

The moment I spotted these striped trousers, I knew that I could not pass up the opportunity to dress as Hillary Clinton circa 1969 for Halloween. I had everything else in my closet, but in case you don’t, here’s how to pull everything together for a stylish Hillary Halloween. Follow me on Instagram to see the final costume reveal on Halloween!

Warning: Being 1969 Hillary ain’t cheap.

Hillary Clinton Halloween Costume, Hillary Halloween Old Navy Harper Trousers $28
UNIQLO Blouse $29
vintage eyeglasses $15
Kork-Ease Myrna sandals $140
Kenneth Jay Lane oversized ring $90
J.Crew barrette $14

31 Days of Color: DIY Vivid Blooms Jewelry Box

Ace Hardware has provided free paint samples. I was also compensated for my time and this blog post. All opinions and positions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

I’m a renter. I like being a renter. It’s someone else’s problem when the AC stops working. I’m not responsible for watering the lawn. I can leave town and not worry about trash pickup.

But that also means I’m limited on how I can personalize my space and I can’t paint my walls all those bold bright colors that I crave.

What I can do is add pops of strategically placed color, like this jewelry box painted with Clark+Kensington’s Vivid Blooms from Ace Paint Studio and their 30 Days of Color collection. It didn’t take me long to settle on Vivid Blooms, today’s color of the day, as my color of choice because it’s a rich and impactful color that compliments the greys and whites in my bedroom and because Ace is known as the authority on color.

DIY Skull Jewelry Box

Ace Hardware Clark + Kensington Vivid Blooms 31 Days of Color

31 Days of Color Vivid Blooms Jewelry BoxWhat I used:

  • Clark+Kensington paint in Vivid Blooms from the Ace Paint Studio
  • Small foam paintbrush
  • Wooden jewelry box
  • Embossed felt
  • Skull charms
  • Glue

31 Days of Color Vivid BloomsHow I did it:

I simply gave the jewelry box two quick coats of Clark+Kensington’s Vivid Blooms, letting the paint dry between coats. Then I adhered the skull charms to the lid with glue and folded my felt to fit inside. That’s it! It couldn’t have taken more than an hour from start to finish! It’s a perfect size for bracelets and rings and Vivid Blooms ads just the spark that I wanted to my tabletop.

Vivid Blooms

Vivid Blooms Jewlery Box

Ace 31 Days of Color

Skull Jewelry Box

DIY Vivid Blooms Skull Jewlery Box

Ace Hardware Clark + Kensington Vivid Blooms 31 Days of ColorBe sure to check out the Ace Paint Studio 31 Days of Color everyday in March for new Clark+Kensington and Valspar colors, inspiration, and expert tips. Ace is giving away 1/2 pint samples of the day’s featured color to the first 1,000 eligible visitors every day and you can also enter the 31 Days of Color Sweepstakes daily for a chance to win a $10,000 paint makeover and daily $50 Ace gift cards.

Going to The Paint Studio at Ace is like going to your neighbor.

How to make a snow globe with a Target GiftCard #GiftCardCheer

We partnered with Target to bring you this slice of holiday cuteness as part of their #GiftCardCheer campaign.

The holidays are upon us! How are you doing with your shopping?

If you’re shopping for me (hey, the holidays are all about wishful thinking!) the bad news is that I’m probably what most would consider a hard person to shop for. I’m terrible at putting together a list or giving givers any guidance because I’m an impulse shopper and buy what I want when I want it, leaving little to be desired.

Target LogoThere’s probably someone on your shopping list just like me, isn’t there?

The good news is that a Target GiftCard® is the perfect gift for someone like me, full of possibility and potential, ready to be used whenever the impulse strikes!

But I’m guessing you feel a little meh about giving a gift card, right? Target did a little research, and found that 90% of people love receiving a gift card as a gift, but only 30% of people feel good about giving one.

Gift giving has to feel good for everyone involved, and making a gift card feel special through presentation will make you feel better about giving them and is icing on the cake for whoever you’re giving them to.

One of my favorite ways to give a gift card around the holidays is to create a snow globe and I’m going to show you how to make a snow globe! It’s simple, sparkly, and festive and I picked up all the supplies at my neighborhood Target.

snow globe supplies, how to make a snow globeSupplies

  • Glass jar with secure lid
  • Target GiftCard®
  • Tchotchkes
  • Super glue
  • Water
  • Glycerine
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Super glue tchotchkes to the lid of the jar. I used a little pine tree, but you could use any little toy or figurine that you want to appear standing at the bottom of your snow globe.

gluing tree to inside of snow globe

  1. Fill jar with tap water and teaspoon of glycerine, which helps breaks the surface tension so that the glitter falls like snow. You can also use a few drops of low suds-ing dish soap.

adding glycerin to snow globe

  1. Add glitter. The more the merrier IMHO.

adding glitter to snow globe

  1. Add Target GiftCard®.

adding gift card to snow globe

  1. Secure lid.

secure lid of snow globe

  1. Tie a bow around the base, invert jar, and gift to someone special!

homemade snow globe, how to make a snow globe

With a pre-purchased Target GiftCard® and a little creativity, gift cards can be the perfect gift for the giver and receiver.

Are you giving gift cards this holiday season? What’s your favorite creative presentation?

Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

DIY Tassel Bracelets

Everything to make DIY Tassel BraceletsMy DIY projects are more like CBA (click-buy-assemble) projects, which I think makes them all the better because anyone can make them and it proves what ridiculous prices we pay for some things.

I’m really into tassels (don’t worry, I still have a soft spot in my heart for pom poms) and have been eying all the tassel jewelry but it’s $25 for a bracelet or $45 for a necklace and I just can’t. I want to, but I can’t.

What I can do is CBA my own tassel bracelets. Here’s how:

1. Buy wooden bracelets.

Wooden Bracelets
2. Buy jewelry making supplies.

Jewelry Making Tools
3. Make tassels. Or just buy tassels. You know which route I went.

4. Attach tassels to bracelets.

Tassel Bracelets

5. Don’t stop get it get it.

Four Bracelets with Tassels, tassel bracelets