What’s the problem?

I have eight years of marketing experience. I have my MBA from a Big Ten University. I’m friendly and outgoing and have a strong work ethic.

My self-esteem isn’t hurting, either.

Finding a job shouldn’t be hard. But it is. I’ve had one interview in the past month (well – three with one company). And I never heard back from them.

So, what’s the problem?

I’m sure they Googled me. Everybody Googles everybody. I’ve probably Googled you.

So, is my blog the problem?

I wouldn’t hesitate to talk about anything I’ve ever blogged about.  I’ve made lots of friends and traveled all over the country because of my blog. My mom reads my bog and doesn’t seem too offended – except when I say balls. She doesn’t like when I say balls.

The biggest blogging compliment I ever received was that I act and talk exactly like I blog. If you don’t like my blog, you probably won’t like me.

So, why is this eating at me?

Oh, that’s right, because I need a paycheck.

Potential employers, please see my Linkedin profile. It’s pretty impressive.

oh hey what’s up

Go to ohheywhatsup.com. Go on. I’ll wait.

There you are! It brought you right back here, didn’t it?

When I first stated my blog, I used my name as the domain name, which is fine, but not exactly catchy. More and more people started referring to me as Corrin from Oh Hey, so I finally got around to purchasing my blogs title as the domain and did a simple redirect.

It might not be much, but it makes me happy.

What also makes me happy, is my new site going live very very soon. Once WordPress stops giving my lovely designers grief we’ll be ready go to. I gave a teaser a few weeks back, but here’s another with color to really up the anticipation.


Such a tease…


Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Which is why I needed to live up to my reputation and give everyone a sneak peak at what is going on with my blog redesign! So, what do you think?

The color, spunk, and personality are next, but the general layout is there and I’m super excited to see it come to life. I’ve got a great group working on the project, and I’m confident that the final product will be more “me” than I could have even come up with.

Stay tuned…