Cash, Money, Clothes

Cash, Money, Clothes is a weekly series where I confess my money sins in an attempt to publicly humiliate myself into saving instead of spending. Join in the…errr…fun?

Nene Leakes. The very definition of "new money."

I only get paid once a month, so there’s approximately a 36-hour window at the beginning of every month where I feel filthy stinkin’ rich. Like, Nene Leakes rich.

And then this happens…

  • $930 rent
  • $77 utilities
  • $77 Sprint
  • $165 Sallie Mae
  • $490 car payment
  • $88 car insurance
  • $550 Chase
  • $37 grocery
  • $700 savings

Don’t let that $700 in savings fool you. It’s for bills I’m expecting later in the month.

How often do you get paid? Is payday a real bummer for you, too?

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  1. says

    I got paid once a month for almost 10 years and it was a total fake out. I always felt rich at the beginning. When I started getting paid twice a month, it was a total pain to get my bills switched around so they didn’t all land at the beginning. Anyway, payday is both awesome and depressing. Awesome because I can pay all the bills I need to pay (and that hasn’t always been the case) and depressing because I want that money to go to something else besides bills. Way to be accountable, friend!
    Sherry Carr-Smith´s last awesome blog post…Scrapbook Saturday: Pregnant Belly & Meeting Little Brother

    • Corrin says

      Totally not the point and sickingly new-agey, but on the recommendation of my dermatologist, I did some research and gave up milk about 6 months ago. We’re the only species that drinks milk from another animal and it’s completely unnecessary. Not to mention my skin looks 100x better. Almond milk FTW!

  2. says

    My paychecks are bi-weekly, which does not make much of a difference to me. I love payday, for the most part. It’s satisfying to know that I am able to pay all of my bills and still tuck a little away into the savings account.
    Jessica´s last awesome blog post…I’m always a little behind.

    • Corrin says

      I’m trying to make sure I get some in savings every month. My goal is for my savings to hit $6k in 2012. I’m halfway there!

  3. says

    Hi there!

    Very brave to blog the spending! It is oddly interesting to looksee what/how others spend.

    Groceries spending does seem pretty low, Mom’s are great helpers for veggies & stuff like that! Do you do the coupon thing too?

    Car payment looks high to me though, but I tend to drive small cars – is it a hybrid or anything special?

    As for me, I’ve never been paid monthly when I worked full time. Got paid either weekly or every other. The every other week cycle was sorta like feeling rich for that week and broke the next.

    This definitely seems like a fun blog, so I’ll be following along!
    Marla Mayes´s last awesome blog post…Be a Better Blogger to make more Bucks

    • Corrin says

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes – I drive a Prius. $30k car financed at 0% for 5 years.

      My grocery goal is $50 per week, plus a trip to Costco for veggies every other week. So, $400 a month. I used to coupon, but I eat mostly fresh and organic now so they are few and far between.

  4. says

    I love a good challenge and think it’s great your putting yourself out there publicly so you can chart your progress in reaching your goals.
    I also think you need a post explaining how you spend $37 on groceries. I’m happy if I can keep a single trip under $100. Do you have kids?
    Sarah´s last awesome blog post…Help Save Liberty Denim

    • Corrin says

      It’s just me. I try to keep my grocery costs under $200 at the grocery and $200 at Costco (where I buy all my fruits and veggies) every month.

  5. says

    Dang, I wish I was brave enough to post all of my ridiculous money woes. I love this – keep it up.

    I get paid every two weeks, the odd bonus comes my way every couple of months. I don’t drive, which I’m assuming saves me a whackload of money, but bills do stack up.

    booooo money!

    • Corrin says

      My sister lives in Manhattan and doesn’t drive and sometimes I envy her lack of car payment and insurance. Then I remember that I’m not a public transportation kinda girl and I blow my Prius a kiss.

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