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Calm Skies

I didn’t fly for the first time until I was 22 years old and took a weekend trip to Las Vegas with my roommates right before we graduated college. After that, I flew every now and again for work trips and vacations, each time getting more and more anxious as takeoff neared.

calm skies, calming music for anxiety
I’ve tried magazines and deep breathing and talking with my neighbor, but the only thing that calms me is looking at the clouds and listening to music. I have a special playlist I created of calming music for anxiety that I’ve listened to for years, slowly and carefully adding new songs and albums that are soothing and peaceful. I used to wait anxiously, iPod in hand, for the flight attendant to announce that we’d reached 10,000 feet so that I could finally turn on my iPod and  begin to relax, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when the regulations recently changed and I could pop my ear buds in as soon as I found my seat.

I know flying isn’t an uncommon anxiety because I have several friends that share my nervousness…and my playlist. Which isn’t just for flying.  I share my playlist with friends before big events, during stressful times at work, or just when I think they’d enjoy a moment of peace.  My music may not be everyone’s taste, but I like to think people appreciate it when you share something personal and they know that you’re doing it as a way to offer your support and encouragement.

Do you have any favorite calming songs or albums? Any music you go back to time and again to relax and unwind?

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  1. My first flight was from St. Louis to Dallas, I was 19 or 20 at the time. It was brutal, thanks to tons of turbulence. I didn’t take my next flight until I was 25 or 26; yet since then (I’m nearly 35 now) I’ve racked up lots of air miles. I still have a little anxiety on the landing; but thanks to the window and music I am good to go.

    On a flight back from HongKong I discovered Katie Melua’s music.

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