Buddha Everywhere

BuddhaFor Valentine’s Day, my sister sent me a new tiny little Buddha statue to add to my collection. A collection I didn’t even realize I had.

I’ve picked up figurines at little stores, Epcot, and through friends, and without even realizing it, I’ve acquired 11 Buddha’s, which officially qualifies as a collection. He always looks so happy, so I can’t help but bring one into my life whenever I fine one that is extra charming and uplifting.

In celebration of my new found collection, I’ve pulled them all out and they are now displayed on our mantel.

6 thoughts on “Buddha Everywhere

  1. I didn’t know you collected Buddahs! Dustin has quite a few as well. You two need to start a Buddah Collecting Club. 🙂 I need to gather his and take a pic for you.

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