Brewin’ My Tea

  • Much like my co-worker and blogging cohort, Lady Chirps A Lot, I pink puffy heart Chloe Sevigny. Make sure to watch part 1 and part 2.
  • I bought myself a little Christmas present. From Tiffany & Co. And then they broke the first time I tried to put them on. Sadness.
  • These Maryjane flats in beige, please.
  • Shit Girls Say is borderline embarrassing it’s so true.
  • Aaaaand watching Jenny Slate doing the voice of Marcel the Shell totally ruined it for me. It’s the exact reason why I didn’t go to the book signing at Book People a few weeks ago. (“I’m a straight-shooter.”)
  • Kurt Andersen’s You Say You Want a Devolution? piece in the January issue of Vanity Fair is really great. He argues that the cultural landscape typically shifts pretty dramatically every 20 years but we’ve petered in recent decades. I know I have far too much in common with my 17-year-old cousin and it’s because not that much has changed culturally or stylistically in the time between my high-school years and his. Which means I’m still hip, right?
  • The Dougherty Arts School’s Spring 2012 Digital Photography Classes are open for registration and I am so super excited that they are offering weekend classes. You know where to find me every Saturday morning.
  • For all you last minute shoppers, I wrote this little gem: Top 10 Beauty and Fashion Stocking Stuffers.
  • I’m maybe possibly going to NYC next month to visit my sister. Yippee!
  • I hired a cleaning lady! She’s coming before my family visits for Christmas but I just may commit to a monthly visit if she does a fantastic job. But first I have to clean before the comes to clean. (Everybody does that, right?)

Did you have a good week? Share something fun.

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    • Corrin says

      It was very modest! Did you watch the second video? I love that the dress was ripped to shreds because she’s a crazy wild dancer. Kinda like me.

  1. Tara says

    $150 for a freakin’ pair of sterling silver earrings?? I hope you took those bitches back & demanded a repair or replacement. James Avery would. But they’re a Texas company, not a snooty NYC company. 😉

    • Corrin says

      I’m taking them back this weekend. I called and they were very apologetic and said they would have a new pair waiting. I’m allergic to most metals, so Tiffany’s sterling is one of the few things I can wear in my ears.

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