BlogLuxe Awards (aka the post in which I beg for votes)


You’ve outdone yourselves.

I am a finalist for TWO (!!) BlogLuxe Awards. Will you take a minute to vote for me?

You did nominate me. So, you’re kind of obligated to vote for me. Unless you just wanted to get my hopes up. In which case…meanies!

Wonderful, beautiful, gracious meanies. That might reconsider voting for me in exchange for flattery?

Did I mention you’re looking particularly slim and trim these days?

Look for Oh Hey! What’s Up? under FUNNIEST & GUILTY PLEASURE! I’m up against some stiff competition, so lets pull together and make this happen.


Here’s how to vote:

  1. Visit BlogLuxe Awards and select your favorites – Click Oh Hey! What’s Up? under FUNNIEST & GUILTY PLEASURE!
  2. Click submit and enter your email address
  3. Look for a BlogLuxe confirmation email
  4. Click on link in confirmation email
  5. Vote DAILY through July 12th

Voting is a lot easier and quicker than it sounds and you can vote every day through July 12th!

Thank you so much for the nominations.

It totally makes being unemployed and spending all my time online worth it.

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