Bargain Bragging

When you compliment someone on an article of clothing or an item in their home, do you think it’s tacky when they tell you how much they paid?

I think it’s super tacky when someone tells you how much they paid in a superior way. Like they are proud they spent $100 on their jeans or want to make sure you know they have the extra $250 to spend on a vase.

I tell people how much I paid for things all the time because I rarely pay full price for anything and am super proud of my bargain hunting! And, if they really like what I found, they can act fast and get it cheap, too!


Like my shoes? $4.48 at Target, and they don’t feel like cardboard! I think they are online for $9.98, which is still a steal!

5 thoughts on “Bargain Bragging

  1. I always brag about bargains, never about splurges. I mean, what would be the point?

    I love a good shoe find, but they’re oh so rare in my world. Curse my thick feet.

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