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Are you looking for Amy Freeze?

Somtimes, I love how the internet works…

Back in Jaunary 2008, I posted about Amy Freeze and my post got picked up as a reference on her Wikipedia page. Last night, Amy Freeze was mentioned during the Bears vs. Packers game, and the news reported this morning that she was one of the most searched Google terms last night.

Since Google pulls up her Wikipedia page, and her Wikipedia page links to me, I got 1,700 hits in the 8 o’clock hour last night.

Thanks for having a cool meteorologist name, Amy Freeze!

7 thoughts on “Are you looking for Amy Freeze?

  1. Hi Corrin! Bears/Packers + past NBC 10 Philly meteorologist + Yahoo!/Wikipedia + curious Pottstown, PA resident = Discovering a cool blog!

  2. Hi! It was cool to see the game, called one of the coldest on record. We wondered where Amy Freeze was now and it was great to see she’s chief meteorologist at Fox News Chicago!

  3. Joan – That is quite a path you took to get here! I watch Amy Freeze pretty regularly, and I have to say that she’s quite accurate with her forecasts!

  4. Hi! That’s exactly what I told my sister! I said I wouldn’t even know I had a butt since it would lose all feeling in the stadium seat. It was something because they were telling people not to be out in the cold, yet they showed the tummy painters with no shirts on! BRRR!

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