Ant Farm by Simon Rich

41xI6w-y8SLI just finished reading Ant Farm by Simon Rich, and I highly recommend it. It’s a collection of comic vignettes that literally had me laughing out loud. The best section is i still remember the day i got my first calculator.

ME: You mean this device just…does them? By itself?

TEACHER: Yes. You enter in the problem and press equal.

ME: You…you knew about this machine all along, didn’t you? This whole time, while we were going through this…this charade with the pencils and the line paper and the stupid multiplication tables!…I’m sorry for shouting…It’s just…I’m a little blown away.

Hysterical, and frighteningly close to my thoughts the first time I was given a calculator to use.

I’m a big fan of Augusten Burroughs and David Sedaris and he’s writes in that same witty and sarcastic tone.

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