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Is it just me, or is everyone down in the dumps lately? I sense a general ho-hum attitude, and I’m as guilty of it as anyone.

Let’s see if we can change that.

Boxes on Make A Gif
To send a little happiness out into the world, I put together two boxes of goodies to giveaway. What’s in these boxes of goodies? Treats. Surprises. And a $50 Sephora gift card in each.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you jump through hoops to win. Just leave a comment on this post to enter to win one box, then like and/or share the post on Facebook to enter to win the other. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

I’ll pick a random winner from the blog comments and another winner from the Facebook likes and shares on the 14th. In the interest of sharing, the same person can’t win both boxes of goodies.

Good luck! And perk up! Not everything is as bad as my gif.

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Posted on September 9, 2013 in Pretty, This & That

75 Awesome Comments

  1. Danel

    Ho-hum indeed. I dont know why, but its definitely true!!

  2. Hi!! Happy Monday!! New fan here. Liked and shared on Facebook too. Thanks!!

  3. Nicole

    Ugh the hole just continues to get deeper

  4. Sara Joy

    I concur. Ho hum. However, I *am* grateful for your giveaway of a bit of cheerful fun. :)

  5. Toni

    You’re so nice…also, is it bad that I’ve never been in Sephora?
    Toni´s last awesome blog post…Bienvenido a Miami: Taste of Pritikin Recipe Challenge

  6. Oh I for sure have been in the dumps lately, not sure why either. But I know surprise goodies and Sephora would definitely help turn my frown upside down! Ha
    Jessica´s last awesome blog post…this and that.

  7. Tatiana

    It’s been a rough stretch for sure. Hoping my luck will change. It has to.

  8. Hohumm… I like that you’re putting a little happy out in the world :)
    Julie´s last awesome blog post…Your Eyeliner Costs How Much?

  9. Cathy

    Only things keeping me going are my two doxies. They make me smile :)

  10. Paige W

    Winning would make me very happy. :)

  11. I am pretty sure this would be the best thing to ever happen to me if I won this. And I quite like the GIF, but I’m still unsure of why the boxes are tilting? \_\

  12. Julie

    Dude, this is the most exciting thing that could happen on a Monday. Hope you have a great week!

  13. Holland

    Your .GIF is great! So is a box of surprises, and I LOVE surprises. :)

  14. Michelle W.

    Yep! it’s the pre-fall funk :(

  15. Ho-hum? No. Ready for fall and winter? Absolutely. I’m sick of the heat!
    Helen´s last awesome blog post…Did a computer write that?

  16. Ana

    Presents! I love presents! :-)

  17. Natalie

    I happen to think your gif is adorable. And I’ve never been in Sephora, either. Toni & I can go together.

  18. Anne

    Everybody is totally down in the dumps! Trying to claw my way out though. Margaritas and hiking (not at the same time) may be the keys.

  19. OMG. Things are totally le suck right now. Thanks for thinking of us! :)
    Meagan´s last awesome blog post…Italian Pasta Salad

  20. courtney

    I could totally use some autumn cheer! Great idea!

  21. Sarah McDallen

    You are an excellent curator – I always find your recommendations spot on! I should tell you more often.

  22. Thanks so much for trying to brighten up our Monday! When I arrived at work today, a co-worker told me he saw the maintenance guy out “hosing down” the air conditioning unit for our building, which was smoking. As temps are expected to reach the mid-90s today, I need all the cheering up I can get!
    Lisa A.´s last awesome blog post…Are you moving, or are you staying?

  23. Kari

    You are awesome! My daughter is definitely in a bad case of the ho-hums. She’s a senior in high school and right now she is a little overwhelmed as she is right in the midst of college/scholarship applications, heavy course loads at school, and trying to work on her senior project. She is getting her senior photos done in October so I would love to give her a surprise Sephora shopping spree. Thanks, Corrin!
    Kari´s last awesome blog post…Mia Mariu “Colors For Your Every Mood” Giveaway

  24. Cher B

    I blame the funk on three things:

    1. none of my favorite shows are on, nothing to watch when I want to mindlessly zone out and be entertained
    2. sweaters and boots everywhere yet I am too hot to believe in the promised arrival of future sweater-and-boot-wearing weather
    3. Syria (I do have some depth)

    Thanks for spreading hope and joy and in universe with your blog posts and this lovely giveaway!

  25. Amy

    Sephora makes everything better. Breaks to go read Oh Hey What’s Up latest blog posts don’t hurt either. ;)

  26. I do think everyone’s got a little bit of the ho-hums lately. Hopefully that’ll change.

  27. Wow! What a nice way to start an otherwise hi-him Monday. Thanks!

  28. Sophia

    I want one of those boxes! :)

  29. Agreed. I’ve been in the dumps and a little surprise like this will bring some cheer to me.
    Darlene´s last awesome blog post…For Your Restaurant Week Consideration: Fogo De Chão

  30. Things are very ho-hum around here. It’s still blazing hot in Vegas, I’m stressed about not working, taking the GRE, moving, and life in general. It’s super sweet of you to offer up a giveaway like this.
    brianna´s last awesome blog post…teaser tuesday: ashes on the waves

  31. Seriously, it’s been a helluva month so far. A new lipstick and eye brightener would be the perfect way to perk up!
    Traci´s last awesome blog post…Lasted 48 hours without caffeine. #myprecious

  32. Yes! I’m having my annual pre-birthday slump and really, just the sparkly ribbon alone makes everything better. So if I don’t win, I might just buy myself some sparkly ribbon and wrap myself up in it (I pinky promise that I won’t hang myself with it ;) ) So sweet of you to do this to cheer people up this way, though!

  33. Amber E.

    I could use some happy time gifts. I’ve been sick for two weeks now. :(

  34. Work has been consuming my whole life- all day, and even when I’m off. :( Thanks for the pick-me-up opportunity! :)
    Amy, At the Pink of Perfection´s last awesome blog post…Social Media DIY

  35. Sam Millus

    You rock! What an awesome generous way to perk us all up! Go you!!:)

  36. Joyce LaReau

    old age is getting me form the inside out, ho-hum, how to fight back???

  37. Kelly

    I like the gif! :)
    Kelly´s last awesome blog post…Goals, Food Thief and Ghost Pants

  38. End of summer (endless endless summer) is wearing, but (happy happy!) it’s cool enough to enjoy kayaking again!! Mmmm…
    Rachel´s last awesome blog post…hey dilly dilly…

  39. Ooh sparkly! I definitely get the ho-hum vibe. I’m guilty, with no good reason to put my finger on!
    Jenn´s last awesome blog post…Pizza Casserole

  40. Erin

    Totally down in the dumps. I want to punch the universe. But this made me smile.
    Erin´s last awesome blog post…What I Read Wednesday(s)

  41. What an awesome idea! I like you on FB too. Thanks for bringing some fun to my blog reading today!

    - Jaime
    Jaime Lopez´s last awesome blog post…Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast

  42. janna c

    Goodness would make me so very happy!

  43. Alexandra

    I want that Sephora gift card! :)

  44. Cara

    This is literally so inspiring! There are good people in the world! I’m constantly overwhelmed with working, volunteering, and being a full time college student. My frown is definitely turned upside down just by reading this!

  45. I <3 Sephora (and your blog)! Would love to win!

  46. Amy

    Seriously. I’m so relieved to know that it’s not just me. I could absolutely do with some goodies.

  47. Kristin

    I’ve noticed the same thing. I love that you’re trying to spread joy!

  48. Tami

    Awesome give away! *crossing fingers*

  49. My mailbox only gets exciting stuff when you send me things! I think we should keep that trend going :)
    Cathy Benavides´s last awesome blog post…My Monday Shopping Cart – Leopard Print Shoes

  50. samantha

    what a fun giveaway!

  51. Ha, nice of you to have a little pick me up giveaway!
    Laura´s last awesome blog post…:: photo friday :: Labor Day in Maine

  52. This is so nice of you! Really did make me smile. I love the happy atmosphere you promote on your blog, and it always makes me a little bit happier than I was before.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Elisquared´s last awesome blog post…Top Ten Tuesday (37)

  53. I think your gif of dancing boxes is cute :) Just the fact that you made a gif is impressive to me. So lovely to offer this!
    Megan´s last awesome blog post…Chorizo-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

  54. Leigh Ann

    I love goodies! Pick me!
    Leigh Ann´s last awesome blog post…Need to do, want to do, and what I’ll probably actually do

  55. reagan aylmer

    Great promo idea!!

  56. It’s the damn September heat that has everyone down — that’s my feeling anyway! So ready for fall! This is a tremendous gift! Love Sephora!
    Jessica Romigh´s last awesome blog post…Pantry Preserving: Black Plum Jam

  57. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Looks awesome!!! :) <3 JR Reynolds fb fan!

  58. Terry W

    I’m a Sephora points hoarder. My friend says I’m saving up for a pony.

  59. The Q

    I need new a red lipstick! Pick me!

  60. Lunachique

    I could definitely do with a little pick me up. I’ve been kind of down lately. Thanks for the chance!

  61. I like your way of helping us through the doldrums! :-)

  62. I love contests and surprises and Sephora! Rachel

  63. Definitely ho hum. But a new follower and liked! :D

  64. Fun! Who doesn’t love a fun box of treats??
    Julia´s last awesome blog post…Tips for Shopping a Children’s Consignment Sale

  65. Sarah

    Yeah, things’ been rough lately. I haven’t had enough Sephora in my life lately. Maybe that’s what’s wrong.

    Somewhat related: I taught my kids to say, “That’s THE PITS, man” about things they don’t agree with. It’s awesome.

  66. I have been down in the dumps as of late. It’s nice to know that someone out there is willing to make somebody happy. You rock, Corrin <3
    Trina´s last awesome blog post…Cool New Twitter Feature: iTunes Sharing

  67. Well, aren’t you a wonderful cure for the blahs. So nice of you!
    Chrisgharmon´s last awesome blog post…merry christmas 2012

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