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A little prickly

IMG 4179

I see a little bit of myself in this succulent garden. Low maintenance, out of the ordinary, likes to be left alone, pleasant to look at, but a little prickly at times.

(Photo is of my husband as a wee lad. If he were a plant, he’d be a succulent, too.)


The Deluxe Succulent Garden is one of the many Green Plants offered at ProFlowers. Delivered happy and healthy to my front door, ProFlowers provided this lovely succulent garden, and it makes me very very happy.

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2 thoughts on “A little prickly

  1. GORGEOUS! My husband’s cactus garden in our kitchen needs a revamp. Perhaps I could talk him into a succulent arrangement instead. A little less prickly at least. Our cat used to rub up against the cacti. Ever pick clumps of cat hair from a cactus plant? Not cool.

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