A conversation with my mom…

I read fiction almost exclusively. My mom reads non-fiction almost exclusively. Hilariousness ensues thanks to a misleading book title.

Mom: I downloaded the autobiography you recommended.
Me: Hmm. Which one is that? I don’t think I’ve read an autobiography recently.
Mom: I think it’s called “Autobiography of Us.”
Me: That’s fiction.
Mom: WHAT?
Me: That book is fiction. Fake. A novel.
Mom: Oh.
Me: Who did you think “us” was?
Mom: I don’t know! {pause} Somebody famous.

Regardless of whether you’re a fiction or nonfiction fan, I highly recommend Autobiography of Us by Aria Beth Sloss.

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  1. Leigh Ann says

    My mom has a hard time grasping historical fiction. She says “how can you take a historical event and make it fiction???” Gah.

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