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5 Random Things About Me

Corrin 5 Random Things

That’s me.

As if I don’t over-share enough, Leigh Ann of Genie in a Blog tasked me with sharing 5 random things about myself. That means I’m left with the mundane and the things I don’t want my parents to know, so I bring you the mundane…

  1. I’ve never been stung by a bee. I don’t plan to ever be stung by a bee.
  2. I love babies. I want to love ’em and squeeze ’em and hand ’em back to their parents when they get cranky.
  3. I didn’t get my drivers license until the summer after I turned 17. Why would I be interested in driving myself around when I had two perfectly good chauffeurs and a hand-full of friends with wheels? I didn’t start drivers ed until the summer after I turned 16, in the middle of which I had knee-surgery due to an unfortunate rounding of third base (edited: not that third base), which is why it took another whole year to finally get my license.
  4. I don’t particularly like to be hugged. It makes me feel all creepy-crawly and I hate the feeling of someone’s chin on my shoulder (how’s that for a random fact?). My sister used to give me hugs and dig her chin into my shoulder because she knew I hated it so much.
  5. I’m an introvert. Despite the over-sharing and my general loudness, I crash and burn at the end of the day and, if given a choice, usually prefer to stay home.
  6. BONUS! People who knew me before 1998 and my family call me Corrie. Everybody else calls me Corrin. I got tired of explaining that I went by my nickname when I got to college.

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6 thoughts on “5 Random Things About Me

  1. Is it weird that I’m completely obsessed with these types of posts? These and the “What’s In My Purse” ones. I guess I’m a total voyeur.

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