2013 Calendars

I have to have a wall calendar in my office (preferably a poster wall calendar that shows the whole year at-a-glance) or I lose all concept of time. I need a big-picture view to get my right now in order. I also use a daily calendar and iCal, so I’m scheduled to the max. On my hunt for a 2013 calendar (I started back in October – it’s a big decision!), I came across so many great designs that I thought I’d just share them all.

Bonus: they’re all from Etsy shops!

Can you guess which one I went with for 2013?

The Best Is Yet To Come $22
Neon 2013 $13
Green Screen Print $20
Veggies $20
Office Chairs $25

Language of Flowers $32
Honduras $32
Modern Boxes $25
Dachshund $12
Chevron $18
Fortune Cookie Wisdom $14

Best Year Ever $25
Beer & Food $16
Celestial $14
Mid Century $24
Wild Things $30

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    • Corrin says

      I have a calendar book that I fill in appointments. Maybe I should do a post about that too – I’m VERY particular about how my planner is laid out.

    • Corrin says

      I actually have something called a Busy Body Book that I use for blog posts. It’s a weekly calendar with columns for each family member, which I use for each blog. It was really helpful when I had a handful of blogs and writing gigs.

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