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13 mph

13 mphI drive past this sign at the entrance of my apartment complex twice a day and each time I wonder, why 13 mph? If you hit a pedestrian, does 13 mph hurt any more or less than 12 or 14 mph? If you hit a car, does 13 mph do any more or less damage than 10 or 15 mph?

13 mph just seems a rather peculiar number to choose. Does anyone know why it’s 13 mph? To get your attention, maybe?

7 thoughts on “13 mph

  1. I wish we did! There are some seriously idiotic drivers here who speed out of corners without looking back, take 2 lanes to turn a corner and speed up when they try to pass.

  2. Clair – we have those drivers here too, and it’s ridiculous. I still wonder, why 13 mph? If they are trying to prevent reckless driving, why not make a real statement and make it 5 mph? What are school zones, 15 mph?

  3. Frank – while I appreciate the comment, no spam next time, okay? I took the liberty of removing your link and replacing your name.

  4. I’m SURE there must be a study somewhere that explains why 13 MPH is the ideal speed limit for a neighborhood. I have to admit I’m curious, but I bet the answer is boring.

  5. There is something like this at the hotel that we had our reception at. I don’t think it’s 13 mph, but some off number that we always laugh at. I’ve always meant to Google it to see if it means something.

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