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Book of the Week

I finished The Opposite of Loneliness earlier this week and feel like I can’t say anything bad because of Marina Keegan’s untimely death, but it’s not good. She was obviously a very bright girl, but her stories have dead-eyes. There is a strange lack of emotion.

The Book of Unknown Americans, on the other hand, is filled with all the feelings. Every single character has a story and they’re all sad and inspiring. I couldn’t put it down.

What did you read this week?

100 Ways to Chill Out

100 ways to chill out

The older I get, the more type-A I become. I suppose that’s a symptom of increased responsibilities and becoming more set in my ways, but combine that with my introvert tendencies and I’m basically a big ball of anxiety. Thankfully, I think I hide it well, but that’s due to my insistence on stopping to chill the hell out regularly.

I know it’s time when I start clenching my jaw, losing sleep, compulsively making lists and checking my calendar, and feel an impending sense of doom. Whether through a conscious effort, like trying to always having a getaway to look forward to, or just going with my gut day-to-day, I take time to decompress as often as possible.

If you’re getting that antsy, overwhelmed feeling, here are 100 ways to chill out before you lose it. What do you do to relax? (Thanks to everyone who weighed in on Facebook!)

  1. Read a book.
  2. Plan a vacation.
  3. Color.
  4. Take off your bra.
  5. Snuggle with a pet.
  6. Snuggle with a person.
  7. Prioritize.
  8. Order a sundae. With extra cherries.
  9. Take a bath.
  10. Smudge.
  11. Stretch.
  12. Go to the beach.
  13. Make a cup of tea.
  14. Visit the library.
  15. Take a drive.
  16. Get crafty.
  17. Therapy.
  18. Treat yourself to a manicure.
  19. Treat yourself to a pedicure.
  20. Put on your pajamas.
  21. Call an old friend.
  22. Say no.
  23. Say yes to something new.
  24. Cook dinner.
  25. Have dinner delivered.
  26. Make dinner reservations.
  27. Take a few deep breaths.
  28. Take a walk.
  29. Take your dog on a walk.
  30. Listen to music.
  31. Watch golf.
  32. Create a vision board (or browse Pinterest)
  33. Relax on the porch.
  34. TV on DVD.
  35. Mix your favorite cocktail.
  36. Do a crossword puzzle.
  37. Go shopping.
  38. Wander around a museum.
  39. Get up early and watch the sun rise.
  40. Watch the sun set.
  41. Take a swim.
  42. Get a massage.
  43. Sweat it out.
  44. Nap.
  45. Pour a glass of wine.
  46. Swing in a hammock.
  47. Make out.
  48. Send a sext.
  49. Have sex.
  50. Masturbate. (Yeah, I said it.)
  51. Attend a yoga class.
  52. Dance.
  53. Sing.
  54. Baby monkey.
  55. Keep a journal. Or blog.
  56. Clean the house.
  57. Hire a maid.
  58. Wear something fancy.
  59. Brush your hair. It’s like a mini massage.
  60. Daydream.
  61. Get organized.
  62. Knit.
  63. People watch.
  64. See a movie.
  65. Think positive.
  66. Get your hair done.
  67. Paddle down a river.
  68. Fold the laundry.
  69. Eat a (dark) chocolate bar.
  70. Write a letter.
  71. Acupuncture
  72. Aromatherapy.
  73. Visit an aquarium.
  74. Listen to an audiobook or podcast.
  75. Doodle.
  76. Float in a pool.
  77. Look at old photos.
  78. Turn on a sound machine.
  79. Flip through magazines.
  80. Garden.
  81. Bird watch.
  82. Take a long hot shower.
  83. Paint a picture.
  84. Organize your iTunes library.
  85. Get cozy under an electric blanket.
  86. See a play.
  87. Hold a baby.
  88. Stargaze.
  89. Do something nice for someone else.
  90. Meditate.
  91. Stick to a routine.
  92. Mood lighting.
  93. Enjoy a cup of coffee.
  94. Walk away from your computer.
  95. Chew gum.
  96. Turn off the TV.
  97. Hug.
  98. Delegate.
  99. Send yourself flowers.
  100. Laugh.

October Beauty Buys

I’ve been struggling with feeling a little blah lately, so I replenished my beauty supplies with some old favorites and a few new gems. I’m not one to go out and buy beauty products just to test them out — I like what I like and I stick to it — but I think I found some that were worth the risk.

Did you try any new beauty products this month? What are some of your go to products? Any recommendations?

October Beauty BuysCricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Comb $6 — Infused with coconut oil to help tame tangles without combing out body.

Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray $7 — My sister got me hooked on this and I use a spritz to set my makeup or to calm my skin after I get through my cleaning routine.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter $7 — Every time the seasons change my skin gets so dry and this is an old favorite.

Moroccan Oil Treatment $25 — A godsend for taming frizz.

Essie in Licorice $8 — It’s October. Time to make the change to dark nail polish.

Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 moisturizer $41 –The only moisturizer and SPF in one that doesn’t irritate my skin.

Benefit They’re Real push up liner $24 — Pretty much my new favorite beauty product. The cream liner goes on super smooth and the thickness of the line is easy to control.

Benefit Hoola $28 — Another favorite for helping to avoid looking like Morticia.

Worthy of the Week

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Book of the Week

BOOK IT! is back!

That is all.

Dream Laundry Room #ilovelaundry

I have a confession to make. I love to do laundry. Specifically folding neat piles of big fluffy towels and sorting an overflowing basket of mismatched socks.

When I’m overwhelmed with a list of tasks, I head to my pathetic little laundry closet to wash and dry and sort and fold. It’s so cathartic and fulfilling to make your way through piles of dirty clothes and be left with neat stacks ready to be placed in drawers and closets. I think this is partly because I grew up not having to do laundry so I never grew to resent it. My mom would ask me to fold a basket of socks from time-to-time, but besides that, everything showed up neat and folded on my bed for me to put away.

I know that when I can’t seem to get anything else done, I can always do the laundry. And one day I will be rewarded with a dream laundry room (which will require an equally dreamy home, obviously).

dream laundry roomvia HGTV

Modern Laundry Room, dream laundry roomvia Martha Stewart

bright laundry room, dream laundry roomvia Pinterest

black and white laundry room, dream laundry roomvia Savor Home

Am I alone in my love of laundry? Is there anything you enjoy doing that other find monotonous?