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Worthy of the Week Lucky Charms MarshmallowsLucky Charms marshmallows by the pound are a thing.
Thank you @ItsToni and the Amish.

Worthy of the Week

Book of the Week

I just started reading Born Round and OMG ALL THE FEELS. I know that struggle and those words

What are you reading this week?

5 Random Things About Me

Corrin 5 Random Things

That’s me.

As if I don’t over-share enough, Leigh Ann of Genie in a Blog tasked me with sharing 5 random things about myself. That means I’m left with the mundane and the things I don’t want my parents to know, so I bring you the mundane…

  1. I’ve never been stung by a bee. I don’t plan to ever be stung by a bee.
  2. I love babies. I want to love ‘em and squeeze ‘em and hand ‘em back to their parents when they get cranky.
  3. I didn’t get my drivers license until the summer after I turned 17. Why would I be interested in driving myself around when I had two perfectly good chauffeurs and a hand-full of friends with wheels? I didn’t start drivers ed until the summer after I turned 16, in the middle of which I had knee-surgery due to an unfortunate rounding of third base (edited: not that third base), which is why it took another whole year to finally get my license.
  4. I don’t particularly like to be hugged. It makes me feel all creepy-crawly and I hate the feeling of someone’s chin on my shoulder (how’s that for a random fact?). My sister used to give me hugs and dig her chin into my shoulder because she knew I hated it so much.
  5. I’m an introvert. Despite the over-sharing and my general loudness, I crash and burn at the end of the day and, if given a choice, usually prefer to stay home.
  6. BONUS! People who knew me before 1998 and my family call me Corrie. Everybody else calls me Corrin. I got tired of explaining that I went by my nickname when I got to college.

Share a random thing about yourself in the comments!

Holiday Cards 2014

Grab your favorite pen and wet your whistle because it’s time to start addressing and stamping those holiday cards!

I’m always partial to New Years cards since they’re so much more celebratory, but any excuse to send snail mail is alright by me. I have trimmed my list substantially in recent years because the tradition seems to be waning, or I’ve burned some bridges, which is unfortunate.

Do you send holiday cards? Do you get as many as you give?

Holiday CardsChristmas Cards

1. To-Do List $16.95 for 8 cards
2. Happy Everything $37.50 for 6 cards
3. Ugly Sweater $30 for 80 cards
4. Happy Holidays Reindeer $15 for 6 cards
5. Le Pen $14 for 12
6. Cheers $3.50 ea.
7. Hipster Girl $5 ea.
8. Fala Lala La $20 for 10 cards
9. Happy New Year $18.95 for 10
10. Hope Peace Cookies $25 for 10 cards

Worthy of the Week

Worthy of the Week Llama Socks

Worthy of the Week

Book of the Week

Thanksgiving vacation is a mere two weeks away and I’ve been hoarding all my most anticipated books for beach reading (not like I’ve had a spare minute to read anything for pleasure anyway).

Any others you’d recommend? What are you reading this week?

#spon Nervous Poops (Not me. My dog.)

$169. $344. $127. $89. $276. $124. $214. $166.

Those are the totals from the times I’ve had to take Ollie to the emergency vet for a variety of ailments over the last 8 years. Those totals do not include dry cleaning, car detailing, or the replacement cost of pet beds, blankets, and clothing that could not be salvaged or that I downright refused to salvage (pets are gross, y’all).


Ollie the Destroyer as a puppy — notice the poo to the top left

You could say that Ollie’s a bit of a delicate flower. While he has eaten his fair share of things that he shouldn’t (birth control pills, makeup sponges, a book of checks), most of his stomach troubles stem from being the nervous type and not liking to be separated from his people (read: me).

sleepy dachshund

During my recent trip to Palm Springs, I received the dreaded call from the doggy hotel (you know, the one with playtime, private suite, and daily walks — clearly an environment that should provoke a case of the nervous poops) that Ollie wasn’t feeling himself. After a round of tests to be sure it wasn’t something more serious (that’s the $214 number you see above), some extra TLC, a good bath, and a diet change turned him back into the character that we all know and love.

dachshund bath

pretending this bath isn’t happening

If your pet has trouble with upset stomach, diarrhea, or puppy puffs, it’s important to talk to your vet in order to help keep those troubles to a minimum. We love Ollie’s vet and she is very conscious about the types of dog food and treats that he eats and is adamant that we stick to a consistent, healthy diet. She even developed a probiotic regimen that we follow whenever Ollie is going to be boarded to help avoid a repeat performance. I’d obviously pay anything to keep Ollie happy, but some simple healthy choices mean that I don’t have to.

cute dachshund

Science is the best way to look at every issue your dog may have. For more pet health nutrition information, go to http://www.mypetreference.com.